Picking a different but comparable yarn?

I’m thinking of knitting a big project …

this coat: http://twistcollective.com/collection/index.php/component/content/article/60-winter-2008-patterns/147-sylvi-by-mari-muinonen

but I’m a little concerned that I might find wool itchy and also that I’d end up ruining it washing it at some point.

I was thinking of trying to find another yarn than what the pattern was done with …

how do I compare yarn weights and specs to find something similar?

this one calls for:
12 - 14 skeins Briggs & Little Atlantic (100% wool; 136 yd/124.5 m per 4 oz/113.5 g) in Red

The Briggs & Little page says:
100% Wool, 3 Ply
14sts = 10cm(4") on 6mm needles
136 yds/skein
40+ Shades
Put up in 4 oz. Skeins, this yarn is suitable for:
Knitting Outdoor sweaters, coats, mittens or hats

but since I’d need a lot of skeins, I can’t knit a little swatch for gauge before ordering the lot …

Any thoughts/advice?

thanks :slight_smile:

It is a bulky weight yarn. 14 sts on 6mm needles. There are many options (depending on the fibers you want) for alternate yarns. All you need to do is look on the back of the wrapper and make sure that you’re picking the same weight yarn 14 sts on 6mm needles/bulky.

If you have some fiber prefs that you can share with us, I’m sure we can offer some specific suggestions to get you started.

Happy knitting.

This site is great when it comes to looking for alternative yarn choices.

Thanks for the info and the yarn guide thing. Just knowing it’s bulky is helpful.

I’m overwhelmed at even trying to pick a different yarn. If anyone is open to helping me, I’d appreciate it.

I’d have to say my first priority is keeping the cost low ~ I know $5/skein for the recommended yarn isn’t really all that expensive, but it adds up when you’re buying 12-14 skeins. So I’m looking at less expensive yarns …

I don’t really know what type of fiber would be best, really – I like the look of the wool, but I don’t want to have to worry about felting/shrinking and itching. Something soft and easy-care would be good, I think. I haven’t really knit enough to be able to guess how different a project will look & feel in different yarns.

If I found another chunky weight yarn I thought would be good, would I try to purchase enough skeins for roughly the same total yardage? Or is there some other way to figure out how many skeins of X would equal the same amount of knitting if done in Y?

The same yardage would be a good start. Bernat softee chunky is a nice bulky acrylic yarn with good yardage per skein (about 160 I think) and around $3 per. Or woolease thick and quick, though it can be spendy unless you print off a lot of 40% coupons and spread them around at Joanns’ and Hobby lobby.

I believe a few other forum members are planning to knit this pattern in the next few months. There is a discussion about it in General Knitting section. The direct link is here. They might be able to help with yarn selection and later with the actual pattern.