Picked up stitches too tight

I’ve been working on the Simple Knitted Bodice (for, like, ever) and have finally gotten to the last part, the trim around the neckline - I’ve picked up stitches all the way around using a 24" #4 Options circular needle - and they’re so tight to the skinny cable that I’m finding it impossible to slide them up onto the needle. :gah: Does anyone have any sage advice for what to do now (everything I read about tight stitches is about preventing them)?

I suspect I’ll have to start over again and pick up the stitches using another needle (which I’ll have to buy)… but any advice would be appreciated.

I would say just don’t pull so tight on the yarn when you pick them up. They say using a smaller needle makes them less noticeable, but you may not want to do that.

What a gorgeous top ! Let me preface my advice with the fact that I have never knit a sweater…however, anything I make that requires picking up stitches I always pick-up and knit and then slide it along the needle.

Thanks… but does anyone have any advice as to what to do to make it possible to slip the stitches I’ve already picked up along the needle? Or is it a lost cause and I should just give up and pull them out and start again? (I suspect I know the answer to this…:cry: )

You might be able to see if you can start from the yarn end and put some slack into the sts, but that’s probably as much work as redoing it.


Last week I learned that I had to pick up stitches with a smaller needle then what I used. I had the same problem with the border for a neckwarmer. I used a 10.5 to make it then used a size 8 to pick up the stitches. Strange.


I think now that’s it’s a day later I have enough distance that I can rip out the picked up stitches and start again! (I usually need a while to adjust to the concept of frogging…) I’m thinking I’ll pick up the stitches with a Denise needle (and a large size) and then start the actual purling and knitting with the #4 (Options - my Denise set doesn’t have a #4) the pattern calls for.

Thanks for your comments, everyone!