Picked up stitch in K2P2 ribbing

Hi everyone–

i keep picking up an extra stitch each row in my K2P2 ribbing— i don’t understand how i keep adding stitches. is this a common problem so that there’s something i can watch out for and not do?

i’m supposed to keep 54 sts per row… i find i have 55, so i drop a stitch… then the next row i have 55 again…

any help is appreciated!

Could you be doing accidental yarn overs? That could happen if you forget to move your yarn back after purling.

There is a sticky thread at the top of the thread list that is called “mysterious extra stitches” that might help, too.

Are you maybe getting your yarn mixed up when switching from front to back and making sort of a yarn over?

i guess that’s a possibility. i watched the video on the site about ribbing though and THOUGHT that i knew what to do… haha, i guess i could be wrong…

i’ll keep an eye out for that.

thank you!

Since it’s only 1 st you’re adding each row, could you be knitting into the first st twice? If you finished with a knit st, turn for the next row and the yarn is over the needle, it pulls up the back of the st so it looks like 2, but it’s the 2 legs of the previous knit st. Make sure your yarn is pulled out a little to the side before you purl that first st. But if you had been doing this, it wouldn’t look like ribbing either…

i think you fixed my problem!! thank you!