I feel like I should know this, because I’ve been knitting for a little over a year now, but what does it mean to pick up stitches?

this is along a cast on or bound off edge:
look for the V of the stitch

pick up from the Right Side

hold yarn in back of work

put needle in the V

wrap yarn around needle and pull loop through onto needle

along a knitted side:

RS - insert needle between purl bars one stitch from edge

skip a row now and then so as not to bunch up

Picking up stitches allows you to knit off of a finished edge. Here’s a video on how to do it.

You can also pick them up from a side edge, doesn’t have to be one that’s been bound off or cast on.

I learned by the video on this site. Start with the right side facing you, so it hides everything. Start at the right corner.


Thanks to all of you!!

About picking up stitches along the side: pick up two stitches for every three rows, or you will get a ruffle thing going. (Learned that the hard way lol) Good luck!

Depending on your gauge, pick up 3 for every 4 rows works too. But this is for along a side; usually for picking up along the back of the neck, it’s 1 for 1.

One of my least favorite things to do in knitting is to pick up stitches. Currently I’m working on a variation of the Broad Street Mitten, and I placed a bit of waste yarn at the point in which I need to pick up stitches as I was knitting the mitten. Not sure how this will work; I’ll let you know.

A cro-hookworks GREAT for picking up stitches.