Pick up then cast on?

I’m making my first sweater. The front yoke and sleeves are made by picking up stitches from a center body section. After you pick up the stitches, the next instruction is to cast on 10 stitches. Then you keep casting on more stitches in each of the next bunch of rows.

My question is, with what yarn? And then what yarn becomes the working yarn? Can I cast on more stitches with my current working yarn? How? I’ve been messing around with a practice piece and I can’t figure this one out.

Thanks for any help!

Yes, you cast on with your working yarn. You can use any one of the single-strand cast ons for this. I generally use backward loop since it’s easiest, but it can be a bit sloppy if you’re not careful. If its a place that won’t show, though, that’s what I’d go for.

I know that pattern! I changed it all around too, wasn’t working for me as written. If you need more help, just post here or PM me. You can use the backward loop cast on as Ingrid suggested, or the knit on or cable.