Pick up the back loop of a round

I’m making Fiber Trends Children’s Felt Closgs.

Working on the cuff.

I’ve finished round 2,3,4,and5 with RS facing purl.

Now the pattern reads…
From the WS (inside of slipper),use a spare circular needle to pick up the"back loops" of round 1 of the cuff. There will be 25 (27,29,31,33) loops on the spare needle.

How do I identify the "back loops "of round 1 of the cuff?

Thanks for the help

Linda Jo

Someone help me…

When I have made clogs, I have used a different color for the cuff. So you would just pick up the very first loop that is the same color you are working with. If the clogs are all one color, you would just count down 5 loops on the inside and pick those up. Hope this helps you out.

Thanks for the help. I understand now.