Pick up sts for start turtleneck?

Hi again,

Almsot done with my very first knitting project and I’m confused again, I think.

Finishing directions state:

Turtleneck: with RS facing, using circular needle, beg at left back raglan seam, pick up and k14 sts across top of left sleeve, 37 sts saacross front neck edge, 14 sts across top of right sleeve then 31 sts across back neck edge - 96 sts. Join and mark for beg of rnd, carry marker up. work even in k2, p2 ribbing for 10"

Question: I’ve never used circular needles, but I take it to mean I pick up (slip??? stitches onto circular needle???) sts from where I bound off?

Question: Any special info on working with circular needles for a real beginner??

Thanks much,
Lee Lee

to learn how to pick up stitches, go here. You’ll have to scroll down to “assorted topics.”

as for working on a circular needle, it really sounds more complicated than it really is. so long as your circular needle is short enough (your pattern should tell you how long it needs to be - shorter is better than longer), you shouldn’t have any problems. you’ll pick up the stitches, and then when you get done, you should be back to where you started. move the stitches you already first picked up to the end of the needle in your left hand, the stitches you most recently picked up shoud be on the needle in your right hand. just start knitting around. on that same page with the video about picking up stitches, there’s also one for knitting in the round on a circular needle.