Pick up stitches? I watched video...question

Where is she getting the yarn?? I don’t have any extra yarn on my garment. How do I add the yarn so that I can knit it? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I really have no clue.


If you don’t have the yarn from the work already (it has been cut or it is in a different part of the work) then you just do it like you were going to start a new row with a different color. It can make that first stitch seem loose, but you can take care of that when you weave it in.

Does that make sense? :shrug:

Ummm, no lol. :pout:

Where you get the yarn depends on the project. Sometimes you use the yarn you are already knitting with, like with socks. Picking up the stitches is just like continuing to knit except instead of taking your stitches off of the other needle you pick them up off of the side of the piece you knitted.

Other times you just take a completely different ball of yarn and you start that yarn by picking up the stitches. It just depends on the project.

Rebecca xxx

I’m FINALLY finishing up the shrug I have been working on. It has all been seamed, now i have to pick up stitches for the ribbing. It’s just kinda confusing. This is my first item that fit. LOL, I was tired of doing scarves. So it’s just a LITTLE confusing, but I sure did learn a lot with this pattern lol

:cheering: Hooray for you!

I have found that the only way I can improve as a knitter is through doing projects that make me want tear my hair out. It seems like the same is true for you.


I GOT IT I GOT IT!!! YAY! I watched the video again. LIGHT BULB MOMENT!!! You are adding stitches to the needle so you CAN knit! ROFLOL! I feel like an idiot! LOL :cheering: :cheering: :roflhard: