Pick up stitch and knit - how to work with stitche holder

i am trying to do the band for a baby cardigan. So far i have picked up the stitches from the right side (following the guidelines on the video from this site). that worked well. now i have got to do the same with stitches that are on a stitch holder.

my first thought was to just transfer the stitches from the stitch holder to my needle, but then i don’t have yarn to continue picking up the stitches from the left side.

Can anyone help me? this is the first non-hat item i’ve made. i’m happy with it so far but i really want to get it finished (preferably before the baby grows out of it!!).


Knit the stitches off the holder?

yeah you could either transfer the stitches onto a needle and go from there or you could just knit them off the holder if it isn’t too akward…that’s what i have been doing with the tabi socks and it seemed to work fairly well.