Pick up knitting

knitqueen if u r there?? or anyone else!!!
working on a purse pattern and after the bottom is knitted the instructions say pick up and knit, soooo , I did that along the edges as instructed and now I am to begin knitting in the round… I get it but in my first round I "m noticeing there is a ridge on the work where I picked up the stitches… is that normal? I went under the two threads like the video said but something must be up…it’s the transition in the pattern where you go from the bottom to circular knitting up the sides… I appreciate any help you may have to offer

It’s hard to tell after just a few rounds, but that ridge that you’re talking about is going to be on the inside of the bag.

That ridge should be on the inside of your work. Flip the whole piece over and push what you have down through the needles. Make sure the working needles are closest to you and that you’re knitting on the outside of the bag rather than the inside. This should get you oriented properly.

Ingrid I flipped the work and realized I did knit the first row on the inside. should take it out? if so how do I so ? I’m afraid I’ll lose my way… it is a purse that is to be felted if that makes a difference. Thanks

It is a felted bag, so if you leave it as is and continue on properly, it probably won’t make a difference, nor will it be noticeable. Here’s a great website anyways, just for your info, that talks about knitting inside out and tip on how to avoid it:

I think that if you could start knitting the ‘right’ way now. You might get a small hole where you changed direction, but you could sew that closed before felting–felting hides a multitude of errors.

If you want to unknit what you’ve done so far, you could do that until you’re where you picked up the stitches and then start over knitting on the outside.

thank you girls!!! u have really helped and I do appreciate it!!