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Hi! I am a fairly beginner knitter made a couple of flat knit cardis and know on a jumper knitted on the round which I am loving!
I’m at the stage of joining the collar and it says to pick up an even number of stitches evenly around the neckline starting at the left should seam, I have never done this before so how do I know how many to do? The collar is a twisted rib stitch if that makes a difference?
Thank you for any help anyone can provide!!

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What is the name of your pattern?

There’s a lots of nice tips on the number of sts to pick up around the neck here.

Make note of how many sts you’re picking up in each section. If you knit the collar and find it too tight or too loose and wavy you can always take it out and adjust the number of sts picked up. Depending on the length of the neckline, it may help to mark it off in approximately equal sections, say fourths, so that you pick up close to the same number of sts along each section.
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