Pick up & knit along the cast-on edge?

Hi there. How do I pick up and knit along a cast-on edge? It’s part of a hat that has ear flaps and a lower border. Thanks!

Hey Kate!

There is a GREAT video toward the bottom of THIS PAGE about picking up sts…I believe Amy shows it along both vertical and hotizontal edges.

Where in Chicago are ya? The Illinois Knittinghelp.com members have knit-togethers about every 3 months…our next one is January 7th!

Thank you! I completely missed that link.

I live in Lincoln Park and would be interested in learning more about the IL knitting help group. I don’t know if I can make the 7th, but the next time would be great! Thanks - twice!

You are SO welcome!

I hope those videos helped you.

If you wanna get to know our fun group a little bit, there is a thread in the General Forum… HERE that has pics of our 2 previous knit-togethers, as well as lots of the fun nonsense we have become famous (INfamous?) for! :rofling: