Pick up dropped stitches - Help!

Hi! I’m new to knitting and started knitting a scarf based on Happy Berry Crochet’s English rib/fisherman’s rib variation YouTube video. I’m halfway done but messed up some stitches so had to unravel a few rows. Problem now is that I don’t know how to properly put the stitches back on my needle and start knitting the pattern again. I tried reaching out to the woman behind Happy Berry Crochet but she hasn’t respnded so I hoped someone here might be able to help! Below is the link to her variation:

I hope you can help, this scarf is for my mom’s bday and it’s coming up quick! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome!
Lovely stitch pattern but not an easy one to rip back and pick up. The best thing I can suggest is to lay the scarf flat on a table and as you pull out the yarn from a row, insert a needle into the stitch. This is done one stitch at a time so that it’s easier to see where the stitches are. It’s similar to tinking where the stitches are still on the right needle but you’ll have them laid out on a flat surface. Count your sts to make sure you have all that were cast on.

It may help to add in a lifeline although this is usually easier when the pattern has a plain knit or purl row.