Pick up and purl?

I am knitting a baby bootie pattern in the round on 2 circular needles from the cuff down. http://www.knittingonthenet.com/patterns/babybootsribbed.htm
So far, so good. Did the cuff and instep. Picked up and knit 11 along left side of instep, knit the next 11 st ,then purled the next 11 st but I don’t know how to do or find any info on the next bit, ‘pick up and purl’ next 11 st (from right side of instep). I know how to pick up and knit but not how to pick up and purl!!!
Any info and help would be greatly appreciated.
I am new to this forum so I will introduce myself. I am a happily married baby boomer living in CT (but want to move to NH). I have been crocheting since the early '70s and always wanted to knit but could never master the ‘american’ method of knitting. I could crochet a mile a minute but was at a snail’s pace knitting until I got Maggie Righettiis book ‘knitting in plain english’ in *2000. The ‘continental’ method was my cup of tea. Maybe it is more similar to crochet movements of the hand than any other method. Anyway works for me.
Thanks again.


To pick up and purl, hold the work with the wrong side facing you and hold the needle under it. Bring the needle up though the edge from the underside of the work and wrap the tip as if to purl and pull it through.

Thank you for replying so quickly. sorry I took so long to say thanks. I tried to try what you suggested but it just doesn’t seem to work with this pattern. If I turn my work to the wrong side, the working yarn is in the wrong place, the opposite of where I have to pick up and purl. If I get any more suggestions, I’ll give them a try. As for right now i guess I’ll wing it and hope for the best.
mama terry

I just looked at the pattern again, and it says to pick up and purl from the right side. So try it with the right side facing.