Pick up and knit

Hi there! I’m a little new to the forum but find the website so useful and easy to use! My question is in regards to knitting a hat, it is a lionbrand earflap hat, it calls for me to ‘pickup and knit’ for the earflaps. How do I pickup and knit?

Thanks so much!

What it’s asking you to do is “pick up” or create stitches around the edge of the hat and start knitting with them. So, you turn the hat upside-down so it looks like a bowl and decide where the earflap is going to start. Now, insert your needle into the cast on edge through one stitch and pull your working yarn through it as if you were knitting through it. You’ve just picked up one stitch! It is ideal to insert your needle through two strands of yarn, as it gives a more secure bond to the hat. Do this for how many stitches required and start knitting your earflap!

Incidentally, here is a great video for it.

Wanted to mention that `pick up and knit’ sounds like 2 steps but you do it in one step as described above.

It may help you to pick up the sts with a crochet hook and slide them onto your needle that way. I never could pull the sts through with a knitting needle.

Thanks for mentioning the crochet hook! I always use one. I seem to be incapable of picking up stitches with a knitting needle. It really does make it easier.