Pick up and Knit

I’ve figured out how to do a nice job at picking up stitches now. But I realized some patterns say “pick-up so many stitches” and other patterns say “pick up and knit” so many stitches. Would these 2 be different?
What I’m currently doing is using a small crochet hook, and pulling a loop through the stitch and onto my needle. Should I then additionally work a knit stitch into that loop?
Am I obsessing over something un important?
The beautiful thing about this website, is to realize how much more there is to learn, and how much nicer my projects can actually be.

The 2 terms are used pretty interchangeably now. It used to be you would pick up stitches from left to right and put them on your left needle, then knit across, but we just save a step and pick them up knitwise from right to left. Of course that means the stitches aren’t worked until the next row/round, but I don’t see that it makes a difference.