Pick up and knit

I’m double-checking myself before I start this phase of the sweater I’m working on (pick up and knit stitches for the neckband). There are some stitches on holders that I’ll just knit across when I get to them, but between the stitcholders, I’m supposed to “pick up and knit.” The directions specify not just picking up (and then knitting in the next row), but to pick up and knit. So, do I pick up a stitch with the left needle and immediately knit it onto the right? :shrug:


In picking up a stitch with the left needle, you just lift up the stitch from your sweater and wrap the yarn around the right needle. Or just insert the right needle into the stitch to be picked up and wrap the yarn around it. Basically, the instructions mean to pick up a stitch knitwise.

that is how I do it… you pick up with left, then immediately k into it. not just sliding the needle into the loop and moving on. I think Amy’s video is pretty good at showing this. it was hard to get used to at first, but now it is a lot easier for me.

Now, I’m confused. I had this question just a few days ago and the way that I understood the answers from everyone that posted on my forum is that pick up and knit is the same thing as picking up stitches. So, I did exactly as Amy’s video shows (she just reaches into the pre-existing work with her right needle and pulls a loop out knitwise). I’m curious how you do it then, marykz. You pick up the stitch with your left needle and then knit into the back or front of that loop? -Ve

I think she’s saying she picks up the already existing stitch by inserting the left needle into it, then inserts the right needle into it and wraps the yarn around it. Most of us don’t do this, just using the right needle only.

yep- sue said it better than I could. Somehow, it works better for me…

I get what you mean now. Thanks for the clarification. -Ve

Thanks, everyone! I got it figured out!