Pick-up and knit?

Okay, so I’ve been knitting for a long time and consider myself pretty accomplished, so I am surprised to be stuck on something so seemingly simple. The directions on my pattern, and on Amy’s video say: Pick up and knit x number of stitches. But really, you aren’t knitting them as you pick them up right? I’ve always just picked up the stitches. Is there a difference between “pick up 25 stitches” and “pick up and knit 25 stitches”???

99% of the time, pick up/pick up and knit are meant to pull the loops through to make live stitches.

On rare occasion, you just pick up existing stitches without pulling the yarn through, and the pattern is usually pretty specific about it.

That was the hugest problem I ran into when I was recently learning to knit socks. It seems that pick up and knit is really just picking up the stithces, from what I understand. I think they mean the same thing, though I don’t know why they’d choose to say it the more confusing way… :confused:

I think it’s like Ingrid says. Not the same thing, but usually pick up means pick up and knit. You can just put the needle back through those stitches without pulling the yarn through. I don’t know a good reason to do this. Maybe when you are going to knit a pocket directly onto a sweater? I may be trippin but I thought I saw a picture like that in my Big Book of Knitting. Otherwise, people usually tend to keep the stitches live if they want you to put them back on the needle later.

I interpret pick up and knit to mean mean pick up knitwise. There’s also instructions on some patterns to pick up and purl, which would be to pick them up purlwise…

Yeah, that’s how I interpret it, though I may not have explained it that well.
I do wish, though, that they’d just write pick up knitwise instead of pick up and knit - I tried for almost an hour to figure out what they meant and finally decided that even if I was supposed to pick up and then knit an extra row (somehow…?) it wouldn’t make too much of a difference if I just picked up knitwise anyways. I found out I’d done it correctly, but it caused waaay more stress than necessary/

I think it was one of those that puzzled me when I first ran into too. It would make more sense to write kw and pw, wouldn’t it…

I’m glad I’m not the only one. Thanks guys!

I do it by putting my LN through where I want to pick up stitches and knitting that loop with my right needle like it’s a normal stitch, much easier. maybe that used to be the way it was done and they called it knitting for that reason?

I was writing instructions for doing this in a pattern I’m trying to write down. I think I wrote something like “PU 1 st along edge. Now knit this stitch”, or something like that. I’m not sure what the standard way of writing such instructions.

I am new to this forum and surprised how quickly I found this exact topic relevant to my current problem. I can see that I’ll be a frequent visitor here. What a great forum.

OK, I’ve been knitting a long time, but have never had a pattern say “pick up stitches purlwise.” I know this is probably simple, but could someone describe this, or maybe post a link to some directions (visual)?

Edited & added: I think I figured it out. Purl side or work facing me, I inserted from back to front (from k to p side) and with new yarn in front, I picked up sts. It appeared that the ridge created was on the wrong side of work. BTW, this is an entrelac purse.

Does this sound right?

I’m not sure where you’d find a visual, but if you hold your knitting with the needle behind it, then stick it through and wrap the point as if you were purling and pull it to the back, that’s picking up purlwise.

Thank you, Ingrid. That’s exactly what I did & looks good.
Happy knitting!


Yes, the only patterns I’ve seen where you need to pick up purlwise are on entrelac.

It’s pretty cool, the search function on this forum. I almost always find just what I need.

The good news is that picking up the stitches went great. The bad news is that somehow I messed up my short row stitches and my shawl collar was uneven and I had to frog like three hours of work.


I found a link on the other pick up stitches thread that shows you picking up the stitches from the knitted piece with the left needle, then knitting them - http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/faq-search.cgi?store=/stores/eyarn&faqKey=246
That’s probably where `pick up stitches and knit’ originally came from - most people just insert the right needle into the stitches and pull the yarn through without actually picking them up individually with the left needle.