Pick up and knit?...Updated...need more help!

I’m making this for my hubby:


For the ears is says:

[B]Using straight needles, pick up and k 4 sts on left side of head in appropriate position for ear.[/B]
[B]K 3 rows.”[/B]

I’m totally at a loss as to how to do this…can someone please help me?

It just means pick up stitches. Amy has a video in the ‘basic techniques’ section.

The directions for how to pick up stitches are somewhat helpful, but don’t totally answer your need in this situation. You are working on the top of a round head and need to work completely from the right side of the fabric you have formed. Stick your right hand (RH) needle into the center of a stitch you have chosen, then bring it back to the front after having run it under one little “ladder” of the stitch (for lack of another word) just above where you originally inserted it, yarn around the needle and knit up a loop onto the RH needle. Keep doing that until you have your 4 stitches picked up. I hope this is clear.

alright, thank you so much for the help with the ears, I have those done now…I’m stuck on another part not. I have watched the video of how to pick up stitches, but it didn’t really help me with what I’m doing now. I’m working on the legs, and it says to pick up the stitches and knit in the round, well, I do fine with picking up the stitches and starting to knit, but I’m knitting the purl side on the outside and the knit side on the inside. I’m SO confused and am getting really frustrated with this project…I’m picking up the stitches just like in the video…what could I be doing wrong??? PLEASE help!!!

You’ve got your needles switched around. Hold the needles so the two that you are working with are toward you and the other two are away from you. You should be knitting on the outside of the tube rather than the inside.

when I pick up the stitches, it’s obvious that I’ve picked them up in the wrong manner…I’ve inserted the needle from the inside out and the outside in…I think my biggest problem is actually with PICKING up the stitches…because I’m knitting it the right way…just that initial pick up is the problem…does that make sense?


To pick up stitches, hold the piece you’re picking up from in your left hand and pretend it’s a needle full of stitches. Insert your right needle into the first st that you’re going to pick up just like you’re going to make a knit st and wrap the yarn around it and pull through. Then do the next one until you’ve got all the sts you need on the right needle.

Hi, I’ll bet this could be a little frustrating. I’m thinking of trying to make one later, but haven’t done anything with it yet. I have something on the needles and I’m better off not to start another project until I’m done. :slight_smile:

Maybe you are doing this, (and maybe it isn’t the right idea) but I was wondering if you didn’t need to pick up the leg stitches in a little circle, trying to get what she says for the 1st needle done first and continuing around. If you aren’t doing that, it might help, if you are… I don’t know what to say. :slight_smile: