Pick up and knit question

Two questions:

If I do an edge on a piece of work by doing pick up and knit, do I finish it the way I would finish most of my knitting - binding off? I have looked at video tutorials and they show how to do the pick up and knit, but don’t show how to finish it.

Also, I am working on a really large project and will need around 45 - 50 balls of yarn. I had a thought that I could get the larger balls of yarn (600 yards - 800 yards) which may save me money. Does anyone know what brands typically do the larger balls?

Much appreciated!

Are you wanting to pu&k and then immediately bind off? Usually when I do pu&k it’s to add on to a piece working in a different direction. You can use the picked up stitches for a 3 needle bind off. You can do just about anything you want with them. Knitting a row before binding off might make things look tidier. Are you wanting wool yarn or acrylic and what will you be making with it? With that much I have to guess you’re doing an afghan.

Thanks GrumpyGramma,

For the PU&K, I’d probably do a couple of rows first before binding off.

And as for the yarn, yes, I am making an afghan. I think I’d be making it in acrylic. I know it will be washed frequently, so I think that would be best, right?