Pick up and Knit on edge with decreases

So I am working on a dog sweater and one of the last steps is to add ribbing to the back edge. I’ve done this before (and asked about it before) but the thread is no longer available and the situation is a bit different. I have to pick up and knit along the back edge. Some areas are straightforward but some sections have decreases all along the edge (every other row began and ended in a decrease). They are either K2tog or sl1 k1 psso. So I’m not clear on where I should be inserting my needle to pick up stitches. There is a normal looking stitch with two legs followed by what looks like a knot (the decrease). Should I be picking up a stitch at these decreases? And if so where exactly? Should I be trying to stick my needle into the knot somewhere or should I go in under the knot?

I have pictures but it’s really hard to see what it’s like through photos alone.

Honestly, I think you should just try to pick up as evenly as you can so there won’t be a hole. I don’t really think it matters. When I’ve had to do this sort of thing I just find a spot that works. Someone else will be along soon I think to offer opinions.

Yes, I wouldn’t pick up on the very edge. Pick up just inside the edge, like these sites show:


I mean I could just pick up between each “knot” (every other row) but I feel like that might be too far apart. I just don’t have enough experience doing it to know what will work and what won’t.

Hmm… are you supposed to pick up one for every row or what? That can make a difference where you pick up.

No, but I altered the size to better fit my dog so I’m not sure exactly how many stitches I should be picking up. I just know they specify a certain number that is less than the total number of stitches (but those numbers are going to be different for mine). I was just going to pick up three and skip one. I’m just not sure how to pick up a stitch at those knots since they don’t look like regular stitches.

Try picking up at the knots and see how it looks. I think that’s what I’d try. It should hide the knots in the ribbing I think.

There just isn’t a specific method for this. It’s pretty much do whatever looks best except in cases where they give you specific instructions.