Pick up and knit;N Country baby socks pattern

Under the “Gusset” section, it says:

Continuing to work on the same needle, pick up and knit 8 stitches along the side of the heel"

I can pick up 8 stitches, but how do I then knit those stitches? I would have to purl them, and it would get me to the wrong end of the needle for continuing onto the other two needles. Does it just mean to pick up those stitches, then go onto the other two needles? I just don’t see how to knit them after I’ve picked them up.

I pick them up one at a time and knit as I go along…

And then slip them off the needle?

Pick up and knit usually means to just pick up the stitches–you know, pull the yarn through.

Thanks Ingrid, any idea why they just don’t say “pick up” then?

Technically, picking up stitches is just putting the needle in the stitches without pulling yarn through. Pick up and knit pulls the yarn through and creates stitches.