Pick up and knit in seamless sweater pattern

Hello, I am a new knitter making my first sweater from this pattern: https://www.abc-knitting-patterns.com/1310.html
I completed the first step which was knitting the back. I reached the second step which says to pick up and knit stitches along both sides to make the front of the cardigan. I understand how to pick up and knit and I’ve watched dozens of videos on YouTube but nothing is showing me where the working yarn is coming from when it’s still attached. My working yarn is currently on the right side of my work, so I understand how to pick up and knit stitches on the right side. But what do I do when its time to do the left side? How do I transition the working yarn to the other side to pick up and knit those stitches? Do I need to cast off and cut the yarn or is there a simpler solution that I’m missing? Thank you in advance for all you’re help!!

Don’t cast off when it comes time to pick up sts for the left front. Cut the yarn, leaving about a 6" tail and rejoin to the left side, again leaving about a 6" tail. Pick up sts there. When you’ve completed the left section and picked up for the sleeves you’ll have knit across all the sts, left front,sleeve, back, sleeve and right front.

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@salmonmac thank you so much for your help!!! I didn’t want to cut my nice yarn and then find out that that was the wrong thing to do. Now I can finally move forward with this project!