Pick up 5 and 10 rows below, how to?

Site: Louise Knits and sometimes sews:
please read her pattern part here: cast on 49 stitches, using #5 US needles
Knit stocking stitch all along for this, the pattern is as follows:
Knit 10 rows ending with a Knit row.
(pattern)now on the purl row knit 9, with the Right hand needle pich up a stitch about 5 rows below the 10th row and put it on the left hand needle.
Knit the 10th stitch and the picked up stitch together
repeat K9, pick up stitch etc till end of row.
knit 5 rows, ending again with a K row
Now do the pick up stitch again but this time, k4, pick up stitch,* K9, pick up stitch* and continue to end
Knit 5 rows,(end pattern)

Would someone help explain …am I always picking up on row 5 and 10 at the same time? Not understanding the pattern at all…and thank you in advance.

It’s worded confusingly I think. You’re on the 11th row, and what they mean is pick up a stitch in the 5th row below the one you’re on, which would be the 6th row from the CO… count down 5 rows from the row below the one on your needle. In realiy, if you’re off a row it won’t matter, but you need to always pick up from the same row.

This video gives you an idea of the stitch although it tends to drift out of frame at times. In your case you’re only picking up 5 rows below on the 10th stitch with 9 purl sts between picked up sts. You’ll knit the picked up st from 5 rows below together with the stitch on the left hand needle.