Pick a name, any name. :)

So I have about a week to go and we have NO names picked out. NONE. Well we have names, but nothing that seems to ‘fit’.

So I’m asking you all for suggestions.

Here are names we like:



But like I said, none ‘fit’.

(also we like FULL names, we will not use nicknames.) ALSO also, hehe, we didn’t find out if it’s a boy or girl so all names are welcome.

So what are your favorite names. I need a big list as we’ve been through 2 baby name books and still haven’t found one.



I like Fred. George is cool, too.

A website to help prevent you from naming your baby a bad, bad thing.

Ooo, I like William!

How about something from adjectives like Noble?

mason, you ALWAYS crack me up!
:chair: :chair:

Sometimes you have to see the baby to know what name ‘suits’ him or her.

What name do you want to repeat 1,387,485,487,387,937 times in your lifetime?:rofling:

Out of your list, I like Amelia and David.

I, personally, like Anna and Andrew :wink:

I like Amelia and Justin from your list.
My personal favorites for children’s names are Spencer and Bethany. Give you two guesses why…
But some other suggestions Cameron: (however it easily is changed to Cam for short and you don’t like that) or Sophia but it often becomes Sophie. Grace is lovely. Michael is nice but a bit too frequently used. Hmmm…I guess I’m out of ideas. Good luck.

Okay so I was just sitting here saying your family names in my head and this is what I heard:

Michelle, Steven, Kayla, Joseph, and Hannah
ditto and Emily
ditto and Emma

Ditto and Michael
Ditto and Scott
Ditto and Matthew

Did you already have a middle name picked out? that might make a difference in the names too.

And, of course, whoever he or she is will definitely tell you when you meet them! :wink:

I’d be willing to bet there wouldn’t be another Rumplestiltskin in the the kid’s class.

Hmmm, tricky, especially if you have alredy been through a couple of baby name books!

From your ‘girl’ names, I like Amelia. Samantha can be shortened to ‘Sam’, so you may not want that one. Other girl names I like is Olivia and Alani.

From your boy names benjamin and daniel can both be shortened (ben and dan). I like Jarvis and Noah for boy names.

What sort of name do you want? Do you want an ‘old fashioned’ name or a ‘modern’ name. Do you want normally spelling or want to change the spelling? Long name, short name?

I found a cool site that you probably have came across…http://www.yeahbaby.com/baby-names-search.php

You can search by gender, number of letters in the name, number of syllables, starting letter, last letter, meaning of the name and ethnic origins of the name. It also has a baby name generator where you can put in all of your possible first and middle names and baby naming tips!

Let us know what you decide.

Something you should think about is that if you’re worried about names being shortened, well, you have some control over that.

I was worried when we named our son Andrew. I did not want him called Andy (although I wouldn’t have minded Drew). We have always called him by his proper name and politely corrected those who tried to shorten it.

A similar thing happened with our daughter. Someone once called her Annie, and I immediately asked them to please call her by her given name. The kids can be taught to do the same as they get older.

So, if you find a longer name you like, stick with it!

I like Amelia and David from your list, too. Please, for the love of all that is good, whichever name you choose, spell it the conventional way. I say this after 25 years of repeating “actually, it’s m-e-g-H-a-n-N.”

Perhaps I’m a bit biased on this one, but I think my sister has the most beautiful name in the world. In fact, I’ll probably name my daughter after her (if I ever have a daughter, that is.) Her name is Bryn, just like the college. It’s a traditional name, but not overly used. Of course, if you have a girl and use the name Bryn, be prepared to correct lots of people who will want to say “Bryan.”

Best of luck in your name choosing!

I like:





Lauren Beth

Mark Alan


Tobey / Toby


You guys ROCK.

Some of the names posted are ones I’ve been thinking of as well but didn’t post them.


As for it not being shortened, we know the drill. Family tried to call Joseph “Joey” or “Joe” from the get go but we squashed that right away. :teehee: My husband is SteveN, not Steve and I’m Michelle not Shelly. I wouldn’t mind a nickname for a NAME, just not to shorten any name.

We do not have a middle name.

We like ‘traditional’ names and would NEVER alter the spelling. I hate that.

I will put it out there that we have Kayla Marie and Joseph Michael Edward. So those names are ‘used’.

Keep 'em coming as I am making a list. We feel that it will just ‘hit’ us when we meet him/her. (I hope) :oops:


PS, our ‘back up names’ for Kayla was Samantha Nicole (we are now thinking Samantha Elisabeth and for Joseph it was Justin Daniel. But we feel that those are now “back up names” so are on the fence about them. We had picked Erich David for this one, but have grown to not like it as much. (my Gpa was named Erich with the H, he was German so that’s how we’d spell it if we use it)

People do have an odd habit of wanting to shorten names. My name is Mason and several of my friends call me Mace. I assume it’s because I’m irritating.