Pick 2 pics

Ok I have my pattern written and want to put 2 of these pics with the pattern.
I LOVE THEM ALL and cant pick.
Im putting a poll up and the top two i will put with the pattern.
This one is “A”

This one is “B”

This one is “C”

Someone told me to submit this to IK…Im not sure that its good enough for that …what do yall think about that?

I vote for A. Are you the gorgeous model in the photo?

I don’t know who IK is. But this is nice enough for publication. And knitted on size US#9s will be more workable for most knitters. Go for it. :thumbsup:

This isn’t showing up as a poll for me. You can do threads with poll options.

Now the poll is showing up. Maybe a glitch? Voted for A.

The gorgeous model is my daughter. Thank You.
IK is Interweave Knits.

I would choose A & B, probably, but either of the latter two would be fine with A.

I would submit to IK (Interweave Knits). I have no idea of their criteria for choosing items for publication, but I’d think that has a good a chance as anything.

It’s beautiful!

IK is Interweave Knits. Gosh, I should have made the connection. Yes, get published. This is beautiful. You should feel so proud.

Hi! :waving:

This is quite beautiful. What an incredible piece of work!!!

I likes all the pictures, too, but I particularly liked the picture in your earlier post that showed the shawl stretched out. But your daughter wearing the shawl is also a beautiful shot!

By all means apply for publication. Lots of folks would love to do this, I’m sure.

Best of luck and please let us know how it goes and if you want it tested!

Happy knitting,

Ruthie :hug:

I voted for A

:notworthy: WOW. So…“A” is a no-brainer; it shows off the drape beautifully. I picked C for the detail. It shows each of the different patterns close-up so you can see the detail!

Definitely submit it.:thumbsup: Great Job

I vote for A, then B. But they are all beautiful…what a piece of work that is! You should definitely submit it for publication! It is gorgeous!


Thank you for all your kind words!!!:muah:

I am in fact looking for a test knitter. I need to work that first before i submit. So if anyone is interested please let me know.

I voted for C.

A must be included, it shows the whole thing. C shows the detail of the center, border, corners.

I would definitely submit it somewhere - knitty.com maybe? I don’t know the requirements for submitting to various publications - definitely check into that.

I chose A, because it’s just beautiful, but C shows the detail perfectly. It is a beautiful shawl. I can’t wait to see this published. :cheering:

You said two pictures, but the poll only shows one? For the main one then I choose A as an added detail one I choose C.

The reason I chose C over B is that you can see a bit of the main pattern in the closeup, too. :thumbsup:

ETA: Yes, submit it somewhere for sure! If you don’t mind it being free Knitty is great. I think IK would nice, too. Then I’d get it in the magazine!:thumbsup:

I would post A and C.

A and C.

Beautiful work. Definitely submit it to IK. It’s gorgeous. Congratulations!

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Yes!! SUBMIT!! I chose A too and my second choice would be C if it was on a darker surface. If there were more contrast between the yarn color and the background color the detail would be much easier to see.

my .02 :smiley:

I liked all of the pictures. I voted “C” because it shows the details the best. You should most definitely submit for publication! It’s very beautiful!

A and C (although I prefer the black contrast in B).

Absolutely worthy of publication!!! Beautiful work!!