Pi shawl casting on

I’m trying (all weekend) to cast on for EZ’s pi shawl. It’s a lace yarn, 10.5 needles (double pointed.and I can’t seem to keep the yarn on the needles to get started! I even tried the magic loop idea. Any suggestions? I know I’ll be fine once I get a number of rows done.

Are you using Emily Ocker’s Circular Cast on?

Here’s a picture explanation of the technique.

Did you know there is an EZ group on Yahoo organized by Kelley Petkun, owner of Knitpicks? The group is following EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac and many of the members have made Pi Shawls. It would be a great place to ask questions about the shawl.

Check out the group on Kelley’s blog and click on the button to join the Yahoo group.

Hope this helps!


Wood needles seem to help, especially with thin yarn. If it’s just a few sts for the CO, put them on only 2 needles to start, use a 3rd for knitting. When you’ve increased and have an inch or two, then add the 4th needle and rearrange the sts.

cheat. get a waste yarn in a heavier weight. knit an inch or so of i-cord using the same number of stitches you need for your shawl cast on. The switch to your lace weight and knit a row. when you have more of the shawl on the needles, remove the waste yarn and use the tail of your laceweight to sew the first row closed.

MMario … you are so clever!!!

Nope - just lazy.

What a great idea!!! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to get home from work and try this.

trying this suggestion - but with EZ’s Pi Shawl, you start increases almost right away and I’m not clear how to do that and when. HELP!

Cast on 8 or 9 sts and knit a row, then in the next row k1, yo across to the last st, k1. If you want a garter border, then k2, yo k1, to the last 2 sts and yo k2. Work a couple more rows, then on the 4th row, repeat the k yo sequence. Then work 7 more rows and on the 8th row do the incs. Work 15 rows and inc on the next one. You double the number of rows between the inc rows all through the length of the shawl.

Sorry, at what point do you get the stitches on the 3 needles and work in the round? I must say, that I am using very fine yarn and wooden dpns and all they do is slip off when trying to put on the 3 needles and join.

Put the sts on only 2 needles, then work a few rounds using a 3rd one to knit with. After you’ve increased once or twice, it should be long enough with enough sts that you can add another needle.

it helps if you use smaller needles for the first round or two. As others have said, try dividing the stitches in HALF - putting them on TWO needles and use a third to knit a round or so - THEN divide up onto your three needles.