Physics Rap Anyone?

I love this video. Both entertaining and educational.


Hehe, Mason. Good one. Thanks

Very cool. Wish I knew what they were rapping about. Do you think if I watch it long enough I will get it? The pictures were about as fast as the rap.

they are rapping about an experiment being undertaken in europe to cause 2 protons to collide at a Superfast speed
some hypothesize that this will create an unlimited fuel source
other estimate that it will be the end of the world, by creating a black hole that will suck up and destroy the planet
I choose to hold off my Christmas knitting a few days, and hope that we have free power soon, THEN I can knit to my hearts content
these you-tubes are made to offset the negative publicity they have been getting about this

Just what I have been hearing about his


Thanks, ecb. I wasn’t even close. I appreciate the explanation.

Well, the idea that it will create black holes that will destroy the planet is laughable at best. The main guy promoting that nonsense also doesn’t believe in the theory of relativity (he think’s it’s a Jewish plot of some sort).

As for being an energy source, in and of itself an accelerator can’t be used as an energy source but what is learned in the experiments could someday lead scientists in that direction.

Mostly they’re going to be studying the creation and reaction of subatomic particles during the first few microseconds after the collision hoping to learn about how the universe itself could have been created, as well as some other important things like “dark matter”, the theoretical Higgs Boson particle, and anti-matter.

The goal of one of the primary experiment is to recreate the conditions, on a small scale, that would have existed in that first few microseconds after the “big bang”.

It could potentially either support long standing theories in physics or cause them to have to completely re-think what they thought they knew about the nature of the universe. Pretty important stuff.

Sorry, I’ve been a science geek all my life :rofl:

Im dreading this video getting anywhere near my physicist friends!! A few of them were actually holding a CERN party this morning (alternative name the apocolypse party … don’t worry Mason we knew that the whole apocolypse theory surrounding the powering up of CERN was nonsense, but we thought it was a good excuse for balloons).

It is a very exciting day for science, all the realy interesting stuf will come in a month or two when they have it working at full spec. (today they merely turned on the magnets and sent one beam around al by itself). They are building up to THE experiment!

Sounds like fun to me. :rofl:

Even physicists have a sense of humor

It reminds me that episode of “Happy Days” where Potsie sang that song about the circulatory system. Anybody remember that song: “Pump, pump, pump, pump, pump…” ?

Reminds me of something my Chemistry teacher said back in the 40’s. The atom of U had just been cracked and she predicted that if they ever cracked the Hydrogen atom it might start a chain reaction covering the whole earth.

Too cute… my husband is an engineer and loves all things science. I’ll have to share this with him.

This is so cute! My DS has been talking to me about the Hadron Collider for years so I understood everything about it before the experiment was done. Ok - so I didn’t understand everything about it, but I knew what it was . … :rofl: My DS is a science geek too. He listens to Michio Taku on the radio and watches him on Nova. I showed him this video and he said he already saw it . … of course!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that, Mason. I listen to astronomy cast all the time and they have been talking about the forces of the universe and this collider. I wish I had a better capacity to understand physics because I love it.


What was that other experiment they were doing about freezing? Anyone know what I am thinking of?

Are you thinking of the superconductor experiments?

They were going to freeze something to absolute 0 and they couldn’t do it because the container it was in still retained heat. They were going to suspend it in a magnetic field, but I don’t know what happened.

Ah ok, haven’t read anything on that one.

My son is a physics professor, I’m going to forwar that to him!!

Cool, I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.

We usually don’t have the news on but my son overheard them talking about it creating a black hole and it scared him. He came out three hours after he went to bed and said he couldn’t sleep because he kept thinking the world was going to end. He worries about bad things so I try and keep the TV news off.