Phyllo top

I saw this pattern on ravelry

and have absolutely fell in love with the look of the pullover. I am going to be in the US next week for a visit, do y´all think I¨ll have a hard time finding the pattern? Would a LYS or the library be the best place? :??


Certainly check the library system where you visit; it’s possible they’ll have it (just checked mine and it doesn’t have it). An LYS may or may not have it, they may have more limited space for books.

You may have better luck at a bookstore, Barnes/Noble or Borders. Check Amazon and other on-line bookstores; they may have it discounted cheaper then you can pay in a brick & mortar store.

I agree that a bookstore is the best place to look for this. I purchased mine from Amazon… since, I also live overseas.

The only problem with going to a local USA library… unless you are a resident ‘most’ libraries won’t let you ‘check out materials’… however, if you have a friend that is a member of a library they could check it out for you to look at/use… and some libraries do have Xerox machines that you could use to make a copy of something- you usually have to pay 10c a page for copies.

However, it sounds like you’d like to own the book? Then, I’d purchase it… the book has some really great patterns in it.

IF you want to see what the book cover looks like… go to my name in ravelry and look in my ‘library’ … I think it has a photo of a child wrapped in something knitted??? Anyway, you’ll see the title of the book.

Also, if you go to ‘sometimes’ you can look through a few pages of the book…

Holy cow, Iwouldratherbeknitting, that´s some library!!! :inlove: I don´t have any books yet, but am planning on checking some out at Barnes and Nobles. Do you bring them all with you where you are stationed?

Not sure if I want to buy the book or just check out the pattern. But it looks SOOO pretty… just gotta try it!!!



Here’s a link to the book that contains the pattern.

Some of the books I brought with me when I moved here 3 years ago, however… some I have purchased in the past 3 years through and they just mail them to me…

I love amazon!!!