Where and how do you save your digital photos? I currently have some saved on CDs as well on my hard drive, but was wondering if there are better methods to use? Any suggestion would be great.


I use my hard drive, too, but I also put everything on Flickr. That way, if I lost what’s on my computer, I’d still have them out there on the intarwebs. :teehee: (I do also have a backup CD that I keep in a fireproof safe.)

I have them all on my hard drive but use Shutterfly too. There’s lots of photo sites that you can use for free: shutterfly, flickr, snapfish, photobucket, etc. That way like hunterjenn said, you won’t totally lose them if your computer crashes or something.

Having suffered through the ‘blue screen of death’ on my last laptop after putting off a back-up and losing all my vacation photos/videos, I tend to go overboard.

Hard drive, external hard drive, DVD-ROM and finally, Flickr. Because, you know, what if I have both hard drives plugged in, and there’s a sudden lighting strike, and the house burns down…

…of course, I’d probably be dead, so why I’d still need them backed up on Flickr is beyond me. :shrug: :rofl: