PHOTOS FO! My first sweater and vest!

These are my first sweater and vest that I’ve ever made. It took me over a week to complete both objects

They’re for my MIL great-Goddaughter who is going to be 3. So she has a ways to grow into them. The sweater and vest are both a size 4.

:happydance: ME :cheering:

Beautiful job - I love love love the stripes with fun fur in the sweater!

A week? :shock: You’re fast! They both came out great!


I also made the shawl that is under the vesst and sweater.

Very cute!! Great job!

:smiley: WOW, what a speedy knitter you are!!! They look great :thumbsup:

That fun fur is soo cool looking. She’ll love that! You did those in over a week? Goodness I wish I could knitt faster, or maybe it’s that I could knit more often! Have to love my 20 month old, he keeps me busy!


hehehehe, that sweater is soooo cute. hehehehe

So cute! And so fast too!!!


Fuzzy stripes! Fuzzy vest!!

You’re gonna be a hero for sure!

Great job! I love the fuzzy vest! :thumbsup:

Well until I have a baby I’m going to :XX: my heart out hehehe… currently we are TTC.

I just created a blog with a few other projects. I need to post all the socks I’ve done haha

just lovely :cheering: