Photo Web Site Recommendations?

I apologize if this is a duplicate thread but I’m currently shopping around for a photo hosting site for family pictures. I am currently using the free version of Flickr for getting my knitting pictures into Ravelry but I’m looking for something permanent and probably not free. I’d like to be able to post pictures for family around the country to see and possibly purchase prints from the site as well (although not a requirement).

I’ve heard of Flickr, Smugmug, Photobucket and a couple others that I can’t think of right now. Any recommendations based on personal experience? Pros and cons for each?

I’m very anal so anything that allows me to organize freely would be very helpful.

I use Shutterfly for my pictures and I really like it. Once you have the pictures in you can organize them the way you want and add captions and share online with friends/family. They are always running specials on pictures, so I find it pretty affordable to order prints from them. My SIL uses them too and she always orders things with my baby niece’s picture on them. She sent me a really cute photo book that you can create on the website, my grandma an apron with the baby on it, and lots of other cute things.

I’ve used Smugmug for years. Finances are tight right now and my daughter uses Picasa Albumsand loves it. I may give that a try with knitting photos and see how it goes. You have to have a gmail address for Picasa, but that’s easy enough to do. If you have a blogger site already just log in. :wink:

Here’s my Smugmug site.

I signed up for a Flickr pro account ($25 per year) and I love it. You get more room and more organizational abilities when you go pro…plus people can order prints. I even downloaded a free Flickr upload tool, so it’s even easier to put my pictures up and organize them. I used to use photobucket and I hated it. I love Flickr.

What’s not to like about Photobucket? I’ve used it for ages and it’s always been fine.

I love photobucket. Absolutely love it. It’s been really reliable, easy to use, fantastically intuitive and has tons of great features (like the ability to click in one box and automatically copy the URL, the HTML tag etc).

What about privacy features? I’d like anyone to be able to see my knitting pictures but I would like only family and friends to see our family pictures. Is that possible?

I liked Photobucket when I first started using it, but as I was uploading more and more, I just found it more difficult to manage. It’s been awhile since I’ve been back to it, so maybe it’s different now. I don’t remember anything about privacy features on Photobucket.

Flickr allows you to limit access on a per photo basis to friends and family (so long as those individuals also have flickr accounts and you’ve marked them in your contacts appropriately).

Another nice thing about Flickr, which may not even be an issue to anyone here, is that you can set the copyrights how you want them. Maybe you want to reserve all rights (that’s the default) or maybe you’re ok with your images being used for non-commercial purposes - either way you’re covered.

Plus there are a lot of neat “tools” or add-ons that people have created for Flickr. I use a mosaic maker pretty frequently for my blog.

You could even start a little group for your friends and family and you all could use the group’s discussion forum to keep in touch and talk about the pictures. And I’m pretty sure you can make that private so that not just anyone can join.

I’m another vote for Flickr. I had all my stuff on Yahoo photos, which I thought I liked, but I really enjoy Flickr so much more!

I was using photosite but they are no longer offering their service…so after researching a bit…I am now using image event…there are different levels of membership…and you can choose different levels of privacy…I really like the site and it is pretty easy to use.


I have been searching for a site that makes me as happy as Photobucket has. I can’t find it. I actually loathe Flickr but use it for my yarn pics for Ravelry. I just find it tedious to use.

Photobucket has only one flaw for me now, and it is a huge one. I just can’t find a suitable replacement. (I can store both video and pictures on there and it isn’t too messy for my liking.) The issue I have with Photobucket is that they recently sold out to News Corp (FoxNews.) I have a hard time stomaching it but I live with it by not clicking on ads and continuing to look for something that works for me to replace them. :slight_smile:

It’s funny that you find Flickr too tedious…I was finding Photobucket too tedious :rofl:

I did find the upload process for Flickr tedious, but since I downloaded an uploader (:zombie:), it’s muuuucccchhhh easier now. Drag and drop, baby!

I use the Flickr uploader, too. I have a free account, and I just select the pictures I want, right-click and hit “Send to Flickr”. You can set the privacy during the upload process, so the photos you want to hide are hidden from the beginning.

I have been thinking about a Pro account.

Ok - so I think I’m definitely leaning towards Flickr

While I was researching I found that Google uses Picasa. All of my blog pictures have been loading into Picasa automatically. It looks like there’s a size limit so I’m wondering if I’ll have to purchase the upgrade eventually just to keep adding pictures to my blog.

Anyone else run across that?

Are you loading full size photos? The file size on those is usually huge so would use up your space eventually. If you resize them first you’ll have much more room. Unless of course you have a bazillion photos. :wink:

I try to post a picture with every post so it could get big after a year or two. I’ll try to remember to resize every time and hopefully that will buy me more time.