Photo of Snow-Capped Mountains

In central Alabama!?!? Just kidding!! But, look at this picture I took of our back yard one morning last week before the sun was up over the trees. What looks very much like mountains in the distance is actually low lying clouds. It looked very convincing in person! Or, maybe I’m just easily fooled!!

That is a beautiful photo! I use to free lance photo weddings etc. and still love doing photography for myself and the grandchildren!
I am convinced those are “mountains”, lol!

that’s cool! bought it :slight_smile:

Jen - thanks for your compliment! I don’t think of myself as much of a photographer, but we live in an area that gives me a lot of chances to look like one! I got a new camera for Christmas and I carry it with me all the time now. That’s also a big help for getting great shots!

Hi Bethany - if you’re gullible, I am too! And, I live there and know better!!

I’ve seen similar things in Florida a couple of times, it always makes me smile and miss the mountains. It’s nice to at least have faux ones once in awhile though! Neat photo, if I didn’t know better I’d have thought they were real.

Well I bought it:mrgreen: …especially the first three bumps on the left! But then what do I know, I live in Norfolk in the UK, which I guess is like a cold and drearier version of Florida, I saw my first hill at 15 and thought I had seen a mountain!

That’s incredible. That looks exactly like snow-capped mountains!

Great pic. Very convincing. I wouldn’t have known the difference, but then again, I rarely get to see mountains. lol

Thanks everyone for your nice comments! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who “saw” mountains in the picture!

Sliver, I understand you’ll be seeing mountains soon!! Have a good time on your skiing trip!!

What a neat photo! I can definitely see the “mountains.” I’ve seen clouds like that very few times and when I have, I would just imagine I was seeing mountains. 30 years old and I’ve still never seen any real mountains :frowning: Hopefully one day…That and the ocean!

I saw mountains too. ANd I live near mountains! Very cool. Clouds can be so silly sometimes. :teehee:

That’s cute! Silly clouds!! :lol: