Photo of scarf working on help

the link to my photo of the scarf i am working on is on bottom of this post. how come it does not look like the one on this web site i am useing size 8 needles worsted weight yarn. Thanks for any help

Well, maybe it’s because I don’t have my glasses on, and your picture is smaller…but they do look alike to me, except for the color, of course. :slight_smile:

It looks fine to me too. The one in the first link has been blocked probably, so it’s stretched out a little more widthwise which shows off the ribbing.

Are you using similar yarn to what’s in the pattern? If you have one that’s a lot thicker, the sts will be more squished up and not as open.

Your photo is really small, but they look the same to me, too. Keep in mind if you used different yarn it can affect the outcome of a pattern. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good though.

besides the colour difference…

I think the first scarf has probably been blocked. but otherwise I don’t think there is a difference

thanks for all the replys yeah i guess after i finish it i block it maybe it wont be gather so tight looking. thanks to all of you for replying rhonda