Photo Comparisons: Harmony vs OPTIONS: Pgs 1, 3,& 4!

Hi’ya! :waving:

I am a huge FAN of the new OPTIONS nickel plated needles,
using them almost exclusively.

I recently recieved my new set of OPTIONS wood needles, called the Harmony set.

The photo comparison below will share the differences between them. Something I was pleasantly surprised to discover: even though the Harmony needles are wood, their slick finish makes them a very FAST KNIT. They don’t slow me down a bit!

Something else I enjoy about the Harmony finish: they don’t have the glare when being using under artificial lighting. Sometimes my eyes are sensitive to the glare that shines back at me with nickel needles. The photos show this glare very well. Not so with the Harmony needles.

I love both OPTIONS, but today, I will continue to use the Harmony’s on my current (Booga Bag) project.

FYI: BESIDES THIS PAGE OF PHOTO COMPARISONS, pgs 3 & 4 include other comparison photos.

My overall assessment: if you could only buy one set, I would recommend the Harmony’s as being most useful across the board.

Notice the nice luster of the Harmony needles. A very “slick knit”!

Nice, huh?

Sometimes my eyes just can’t take the glare under my OTT-lite.

Under the bright lights of the OTT-lite!

Here they are, working together on the row, for a photo comparison!

Good comparison!:thumbsup:

wow. what a difference! thanks for the comparison, ArtLady. i can’t wait to get me some more of those gorgeous wood needles. we all need a little more harmony, huh? :teehee:

Now you really have me anxious for delivery of my Harmonys. I sure hope they get here tomorrow. I already have a yarn picked out to work with and just need to find a pattern.

I definitely agree w/ the harmony’s slick finish. I received the sock needles set for christmas and I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth they are when I took them out of their case. I wish I could have gotten the interchangeable set as well. You are so lucky to have it!

Great shots! I also find the light glares off the Options… Love my Harmonys too!

Thanks for posting the info, I was wondering about the Harmony needles. I received the Options set a present and :muah: LOVE :muah: them. I tend to knit tight and pick very un-stretchy yarns, not an ideal combination, but the Options make it workable. I am planning to place an order with KP soon to add some items to my kit, the Harmony tips are interchangeable with the options cables right? I will probably order at least one set of Harmonies to give them a try, they are so pretty and I agree the refection is something that isn’t pleasant at times but it goes with the slick finish :knitting:

Hi Wednesday! Yes, all OPTIONS pieces are entirely interchangeable. That is part of why they are so user-friendly!

Another thing I like about KNITPICKS: they aren’t greedy. They allow us to buy just one set of tips, or cables, etc…instead of forcing the whole set to be purchased altogether.

I’ve been lusting after a set of interchangables for awhile now. I was leaning towards the nickel plated ones, even though Harmony is so pretty.

Looking at the pictures, it seems the nickel plated tips are sharper than Harmony tips. Do you find this has any difference in your knitting? I tend to prefer sharper tips as I seem to knit tightly sometimes.

Hi alleusion! :waving: No, the tips are the same pointiness.

If you tend to knit tightly, I still think Harmony’s would work for you.
Why not invest in one set of size 7 tips in both nickel [U]and[/U] wood, and one set of cables…and give 'em both a try!? (*whatever size tip that you use a lot. Then if you invest in the set, you will have double tips in your most frequently used sizes)

I like them equally for performance, however, knitting with wood needles is aesthetically more pleasing…and quieter.

My goodness but the more I read this website, the more I’m confused as to which Options set to buy or if at all. Oy!

One thread talks about how much people love the nickel plated ones. Then another thread talks about how much people love the Harmony ones. The next thread is about how their options set (either type) came apart and broke. Now ArtLady is going to confuse me even further and talk about the glare off the nickel plated ones and how she loves the Harmony set. And here I had just about made up my mind to buy the nickel… HELP! Calgon take me away! ! ! :eyes:

Cat, I have a Denise set, that I use for just about everything but socks. NOW I want a Harmony set also.

Cat Bordhi suggests that we should skip lunch, or eat PB&J so we can afford them. I don’t work anymore, so it’s more like eating beans instead of meat for dinner. Fortunatly, my DH wouldn’t notice if I brought home a new set of needles. :shifty: :teehee:

That’s a great comparison! But I’m still more partial to the nickel set. I have two sets of the nickel options and a couple single harmony needles.

I don’t really love the colors of the harmonys (I wish there were more color choices) and I’ve never accidentally broken a nickel needle. :shrug:

But I think both sets are so nearly equally wonderful, anyone who buys either set will be happy!

My 10-year-old DD is learning to knit. She has been using some wooden needles that came with a kit. She’s knitting TIGHT and so I suggested she use metal needles. Of course, I handed her some regular straight metal needles instead of my Options. :slight_smile: Yes, I’m selfish! She seems to prefer wooden needles right now. Maybe I’ll have to buy her a set of Harmony needles to try — and then I can try them myself! Ha! I don’t know though. I LOVE my nickel Options.
I started a Lucy bag last night and had to use some bamboo DPN. I hated every minute of using those needles. I bet it would have been a lot easier with the Harmonies!

Thank you for this Artlady! I am here at work getting ready to call my fellow knitting colleague and we are going to order some of these today! She has options and loves them, so I am not sure what I am going to do Harmony or Options? I can’t do both right now…


I’m having a hard time making up my mind too. I have been trying to decided between them and it’s brutal! Especially since everyone likes them for different reasons. I love my Addis, so I had made up my mind that I wanted nickle-plated, but then I realised that I loved the wood needles I have too. My aunt bought both sets because she couldn’t decide, but I don’t have that luxury. I’ll just have to try hers and make up my mind I guess!

I generally prefer my aluminum needles…I actually like that little click click as I go…and I like the way the aluminum starts of cool and then warms ups as I go.

BUT I have been drooling over the Harmonies for awhile. I just love the way they look! So much prettier than my boring needles, that’s for sure.

Thank you for the comparison…it was very, very helpful.

thank you for that! I wondered about the pointiness, but LOVE my harmonies. Feel so good when knitting, so pretty…

:muah:Artlady, this comparison is sooo helpful! Thank you for posting the photos of each! Now I know I want them :teehee: and my birthday is a week from today so I know what I’m asking for :mrgreen:

I’m so excited!! The Harmonies look so beautiful, I know I will love them!

You know, I just realized that the straight needles I use now are metal. I’ve also got a few bamboo sets and a few plastic sets. I don’t like them. I like the feel of the metal ones better.

That’s it, I’m going for the nickel plated Options. Since I like the metals I use now, I figure it’ll probably be the same for the different Options sets. See, talked myself right back into the nickel plated ones. Who knows, I may eventually end up with the Harmony ones too. :wink:

But then again, I like the metals ones better then my others because the metal ones are more pointy. But ArtLady says that both Option sets are the same “pointiness.” Awh geez!! Here I go again… :teehee: