Photo: A yarn cake you can eat!

From “cakejournal”, a blog I read (I knit and bake!)
Yes, that is an actual, edible cake!
What a great idea for a knitter’s birthday! Reminds me of those cupcakes I posted about awhile back…
(no affiliations or anything just sharing :slight_smile:
Click for info and close-up pics!

YUMMMMMMMMM!!! Very clever indeed! Thanks for sharing this! :slight_smile: samm

OOOOOOO!!! I want that for my birthday next year!

That’s awesome!!! I want one!!:drool:

I’ll commission my son-in-law for one… I love it!

That’s beautiful! I remember the cupcakes too, it all looks so delicious!

Too cool! Now THAT’s a birthday cake!

It’s so beautiful! What a cute idea :inlove:

How is the yarn made, is that marzipan? I would love to have a cake like this!

Thanks for sharing!

That is too cool!

:passedout: AND :drool:


i have knitted a birthday cake!!