my dog ate my phone. i wonder if they will exchange or do i have to buy a new one. cell phone :waah:

:shock: Is he okay? I suspect that doesn’t fall under any category that would allow you to get a new phone…you’ll probably have to buy one. Call them though to be sure.

Is your doggie ok?!? Do you have cell phone insurance?

It’s kinda like that commercial, where the dog ate the phone, and they could hear it through his belly on hold. All the owner was worried about was it was using his peak minutes.

I didn’t think that could really happen!! What kind of dog do you have? Have you ever read Janet Evonovich? Sounds like you have a Bob.

I just had to comment that I LOVE BOB! :cheering: :roflhard:

Oh my god, I hope your dog is ok. Maybe you should make vet appointment just to make sure! You can never be too careful, especially since phones don’t digest too well, to say the least. And like everyone else said, maybe you could call your phone company and ask if you could get a new phone…not sure you would want the old one :ick: .
I hope everything works out! :hug:

Oh my! I hope your doggie is okay too. As for the phone, if you happen to have bought it recently using a credit card, you might not have to buy a new one. Some cards have a feature called “purchase protection” (aka “purchase security”) which protects your items against theft or accidental damage within 90 days from date of purchase. Not all cards have it so check your terms of agreement or call the number on the back of your card to see whether you qualify.

If your phone insurance covers lost… tell them the phone is lost… which in fact it is…

That might work…

but also… check with the vet… for the dog’s sake.

I hope your dog’s okay. I really think you’ll have to buy a new one, though. Sorry!

yes my doggie is ok. she’s the best. :muah: thanks for asking everyone

That’s good!