Phishing IQ test

Can you tell the real emails from the phishing???

I got 9/10. Fat fingered the one I got wrong :wink:

I missed two for stupid things I should have seen. Makes you see how easy it is to miss them and why these type of emails are too often successful. :zombie:

In reality I’m in no danger… I never click through links in emails like this…any type. If I have a valid concern I call the company with the number on my own records or credit card or type in the link myself. One can’t be too careful.

Phone calls are another way they can get you. My elderly MIL gave her credit card number over the phone! Fortunately nothing has happened, but keep your fingers crossed.

I’m not too impressed. I answered all ten questions, but only received scores for #9 and #10.


Sorry to hear you had trouble :frowning:

This is only to help people become aware and to double check anything that requests your banking, password or CC information. I wouldn’t anyone to have their profile stolen and used for malicious deeds.

Gah! Phishing! I have had to complete 3 annual trainings this month at work all about stuff like that. THREE! Hours and hours of presentations and quizes on phishing, spear phishing, malware, secure passwords, hackers, information leaks, computer terrorism… :thud: It makes me want to throw my computer out of the window sometimes!

Yup Hubby’s at the same thing. He works for a bank, so talk about anal…and they don’t let him talk or text on the cell phone! He has to leave the office to call me! UGH!