Phildar knitting pattern help

Hi. I am new to knitting and I have chosen a pattern from phildar, a mitten, but I am getting frustrated by the abbreviations that are in France and I am english speaking. Can someone please help this newbie learn to knit the French patterns? Thanks.

Welcome to KH. What’s the name of your pattern and can you post a link to it?

Thanks for replying to my post. I know I should have done that and I have been looking for my post to correct it. Lol. Anyway, here is the link: It’s the baby mitten in red. you will have a o scroll through to get to it. Thanks again.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Unfortunately, one needs to sign up at the site to download the pattern. Can you tell us the terms that are confusing? Alternatively, if I’m looking at the correct pattern, could you substitute one of these patterns which are in English?

Here’s also a glossary of French knitting terms translated.

Try this link. Thanks for the swift replies.

That works. Which abbreviations are causing you problems?

I am stuck at the first A. I chose to do B, which is for children of one year.

Is it not just a few abbreviations but really the whole pattern that requires translation? There are groups on Ravelry that do whole pattern translations.
If that won’t work, you might consider a pattern like this one which has the great benefit of being in English?

I looked at the pattern page and I think it was pretty basic. Maybe consider getting a free one at that’s in English. It would be much simpler for you. I have to use my tablet now and it’s geek to me so I’m slowly learning how to do things and I can’t help with a search. Looking at Ravelry is fun anyhow.

Boy am I slow! Your post wasn’t showing when I was trying make a similar suggestion.

Thanks for the support and help. Ravelry, here I come! :grinning: