Phentex Slipper Pattern question

I finally found a pattern to make the slippers my grandmother used to make. My husband loves the slipper pattern and I do also and thought I’d give it a try. Here is the link:

My question is:

In the pattern it says

Cast off by knitting 2 together over all the stitches.

Is that the knit two together stitch? If so do I cast/bind off normally when done the k2tog row?

I’m learning on my own how to knit and the fact that I’m able to do the garter stitch and the purl is very impressive to me LOL But needle addicted already!!!

Thanks… :slight_smile:

A k2tog bind off is nice and stretchy which is why they have you use it probably. It IS the same decrease, but you are going to cast off using it. -

Put resulting stitch back on the left needle
Put stitch back on left needle

repeat across all stitches. :thumbsup:

Thanks that makes sense to me!!