Phentex pattern

I need help . I am having a senior moment . I have made several prs last year but I forget about finishing .

Here is the pattern

When I finish knitting all my rows and it says to cast off by knitting 2 stiches together over all the stitches do I just do it once . That would mean i would have 33 stiches left on the needle or do i keep knitting 2 together until i only have a few stitches left.

the instructions are not too clear

thanks to all the experts

Knit 2 tog all across the last row so you would finish the row with 33sts on the needle, as you suggest. Then thread the tail of yarn onto a tapistry needle, pass it through the sts and pull them up to close the toe.
I’m very fond of these slippers. They were one of the first things that I knit.

Thank you so much . This is what I thought but i started to doubt myself