PHD in knitting

I will same this applies to many of us but I am getting my PHD in knitting,

:grinning:****projects half done!

Oh yeah…I have many PHDs. :joy:

Indeed and not all knitting by any means! Working out a proper crop rotation on the allotment an sticking to it for one!:open_mouth:

@gramercy please do tell (allotment!)? I am trying to plan an area of garden/patio to grow some veg but as the worlds least greenfingered person I am struggling!
I have 1 PHD, will no doubt end up with more… :rolling_eyes:

My goodness - immediate questions are how much room have you got, where do you live and what sort of soil. You can grow loads of things in pots - make sure to make a nice green arbour where you can sit and knit while you watch stuff grow! :herb:

@gramercy it would be in pots on a decent sized patio, in Cornwall with loam soil :slight_smile:

Excellent - in Cornwall you should have great results. Here are a couple of links or

Alternatively -

Thank you xx