PFB? Err, how?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve only every make a simple hat and scarf that took minimum skill but I decided to branch out and try a clapotis.

I’ve seen thirty-six million explanations of pfb all saying the same thing. Purl the front then purl the back. Can someone break this down for me? I’m tired of tangling myself up in yarn.

It’s similar to knit front and back, only purling. Purl your stitch, leave it on the left needle and twist a little to purl the back of the stitch. Then drop it. It’s demonstrated in the videos here - Go down to Bar increase and how to work it on a purl row.

When you purl into the back of the stitch, you need to bring your needle around to the back and stick in the point from left to right–it seems awkward at first.

Both answers given were good, and the video is probably excellent. I can’t go look at it in a flash because I have dial up connection and it takes forever for even a short video to come in.

But here is the kindergarten approach that I use to this stitch. With the yarn in front for purling, I swing the far end of the LH needle to the right so that I’m looking at the back of the stitches that are on the needle to be worked. Then I insert the RH needle into the stitch from right to left (so that the points of both needles are going in the same direction), then I turn the LH needle back to normal position, yarn around and finish purling the stitch. :thumbsup: Works for me.

This is a little slower, but is easier for me. If I had a lot of them to do I would probably learn to do it without turning it around. :lol: You may want to be a “big girl” and do it the right way, but doing it this way will at least get you started and show you where you are supposed to be putting the RH needle. Maybe it will be helpful.