Pets Xmas Poisons - Links & Hotline Nos


I was reading Lady Jessica’s post about her dog devouring Buffalo Wings (!?) and got to thinking about seasonal hazards to cats and dogs.

Apart from the usual culprits of chocolate (especially the dark stuff), grapes, raisins, poinsettia plants and mistletoe, it seems that an awful lot of dogs have taken to chewing ‘people’ medications, both over-the-counter and prescription - they’re not picky about which, either.

Just to increase the Yuletide joy, dogs have got it into their heads that liquid potpourrie and foggers plus a good dollop of anti-freeze might be worth sniffing into - it gives them something to pass the time as you’re cooking the turkey, fending off Great Aunt Maud on the phone, who’s threatening to come round for Xmas lunch (again!) and while the hubby and other male relatives are busy forming a search and rescue team to find your toddler, who somehow got mixed up with an avalanche of gift wrap you asked your other kids to tidy up and got put out into the yard by mistake.

Just a normal, family Christmas day but if you’re unlucky enough to have a very nosy furry friend who’s eaten something it shouldn’t, here’s a couple of links and emergency numbers:

I’ve had a good look round the net for a central number for the UK but there doesn’t seem to be one.

Obviously, you’d call your vet but if you’re going away to stay with friends or family and taking Fido with you, it might be worth finding out where the nearest vets’ surgery is and keeping their phone number handy.

Anyway, wishing you and all our four-legged friends, a happy and hazard-free Xmas. :balloons::present:

All the Best