Petite Knit Teddy Bear Pattern

Good morning. I am knitting petite knit teddy bear sweater. I am finding a discrepancy in the number of raglan increases to the total number of stitches once increases are done. I am knitting size (1-2). After short rows I have 106 stitches and then the pattern calls for increases for raglan every other row 19 raglan increases. That would give me 258 stitches but the size (1-2) says I should have 226 stitches total. Do I only do 15 increase rows to get to the 226 total stitches? Just checking if anyone else has found this to be a problem. Thank you.
PS. I love their patterns

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I don’t see any problem with increases noted in Ravelry.
How many increases are you to work per increase row? Usually it’s 8, one on either side of 4 raglan lines.
Clever design which I’ve added to my favorites.