Petite Fleur Questions

OKay so I’m knitting this pretty little flower for a costume for a musical I’m in but anyway, my question is on Row 2, it says, knit two, *knit one, slip this stitch back to left needle, lift the next eight stitches on left needle over this stitch and off needle [yo] two times, knit th efirst titch again, knitch two; repeat from *.
But the only part I don’t get is the “two times” after it says [yo] yarn over. I know how to yarn over but I don’t know if I just yo eight or if I do it twice to make sixteen.
Anyone understand?

Do a double yarn over. You’ll most likely drop one of them on the next row. Just bring the yarn to the front and then bring it around the needle and leave it in the front. When you knit the next stitch, you’ll create the second yarn over.