Petit Chou

Have you seen this? Too cute!!!

That is divine! Thanks for sharing. I’m becoming inspired by some of these so lovely baby clothes outfits. That is a fabulous pattern. :yay:

Ok… two questions…does the tilda line mean anything? The ~~~~

And what is the yarn that has been used. Again, I don’t know that here so one has to consider alternatives.

I just printed it out for some light bedtime reading… :teehee:, but I don’t think the ~~~ means anything, but I’ll read it through.

As for the yarn… I found it on Yarndex and it looks to be a DK weight in cotton and olefin. I would think any cotton blend in that weight would probably be okay. :think:

Olefin is a new word for me…sounds…fishy :slight_smile: I would think a really light weight wool/cotton blend may be ok too. I guess it’s a swatch thing but yarn is so expensive here it’s nice to get a guide. Thanks.

I was just looking at this pattern and it is so cute!
My only problem is everyone I know with babies or
about to have babies all have boys. Would it be wrong
to make this for one of my dd’s baby dolls? :slight_smile: hehe…

And one for say a hospital children’s ward raffle too?

Oh that’s a good idea…hadn’t thought of doing anything
like that. Now I need to go back to all those other patterns
I passed over because I just didn’t have anyone to make them
for and see what sort of things I could do with them!
Thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

This is so cute! Thanks!!!

[B]Copyright for Knitters[/B]

Since the subject of auction/raffle/donation has come up here I thought I’d share this. It’s important.

Recently it came up in the “Knit Baby Surprise” Yahoo forum asking about knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket for auction. The pattern owner/publisher (Meg Swansen) was contacted and she denied permission. Most patterns can be used for straight donation, but if there is an exchange of money, and even if that money is donated to charity, it was not acceptable. This particular incidence applied only to the BSJ, but other pattern writers may feel the same.

IMO… As long as the item isn’t for personal gain I don’t see a problem, but it’s not my decision. :shrug:

So bottom line is to contact the pattern writer for permission. It usually just involves an email. And to be on the safe side, save the email if permission is given. :wink: