Peter pan shawl pattern

can some one help im doing this shawl but stuck on the pattern it says bind next 7 stitches not sure what this means please can someone help me

Can you give us a link to the pattern or quote the entire line or row exactly, please?

Maybe this one:

Yes the row says k1,p1,k3,k1 y.forward.,bind next 7 stitches.thus;insert point of right hand needle between7th&8th sts on left hand needle,take yarn overright hand needle and round point and draw a loose loopthrough to front of work,then slip this loop onto left hand needlein front of first stitch and together with first st.through back of loops,now k1 ,s.1 ,k2 tog,psso,k2 this will be referred to as bind 7

This video for smocking is close to your directions. The numbers are different but the idea is the same.

You’ll notice that once the stitches are bound or wrapped, the new loop and the next stitch are knit together. Your directions are to purl the sts together through the back loop however.

thankyou so much for that very helpful was so confused lol