Peter Pan Knitting Pattern P1055

This Peter Pan knitting pattern has me very confused. Withing the 18 rows making up the pettern they have the following:
9th to 12th rows - K to end.
13th to 15th row - K.
16th to 18th rows - K to end.
I don’t understand the differnece between them. I would have thought they would say 9th to 18th rows - K
Does anyone have any ideas? I would be very grateful to hear any other thoughts on what I should be doing.

Sounds like there is a typo to me.

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It looks like a pretty little eyelet pattern. Is there anything else in the rows you quoted? K to end sounds like there should be more to the rows or else a typo as GreenFuzzer suggested.

Many thanks for your replies. I thought about it being a typo but I have checked the whole pattern for the front, back and sleeves and it all has the same for these rows. When I look at the picture of the cardigan it looks like all the rows are knit rows. Think I will just knit them all.
Many thanks for taking the time to reply.