Pesky YF!

I’m working on some handles for a felt tote and the yarn forward is messing me up. I’m making a medium size so it will be the first number in the parenthesis.

With size 11 needles and a dbl strand of wool, cast on 7 (9,9) sts.
Row 1. k4 (5,5), yf, slip 3 (4,4), turn
Row 2. Taking yarn across back of work, pull firmly then k4 (5,5), yf, slip 3 (4,4), turn.

Row 1, good. No problem. When I get to row two, what am I supposed to do with the yf? It’s there, adding a stitch to my needle, yet the directions don’t say what to do with it! Yarn forward is the same as a yarn over, right? The directions define yf as: bring yarn to the front between the needles. Yeah? And? groan
Advice would greatly be appreciated.

Old Skool

No, that’s not a yarn over. It says to bring the yarn forward [U]between[/U] the needles so there’s no yarn over the needles. they just want the yarn in front when you slip the next stitches.

Ohhhh… like bringing the yarn forward when you go from knit to purl, for instance??? I get it! Thanks so much! Ha!